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Company Description

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter builds community and fosters dignity through access to essential services and a safe place to sleep for young adults experiencing homelessness.

Everyone has a safe place to call home.


  1. We value each guest as an individual, without judgment or bias.
  2. We drive change by discussing, addressing and breaking down social and economic barriers to equality for the benefit of young adults experiencing homelessness.
  3. We work as a cohesive, passionate team to provide the best services possible to guests and build partnerships with the larger community.
  4. We respect, honor and encourage the unique backgrounds of all individuals.

Background: ROOTS is Washington state’s largest shelter for young adults experiencing homelessness. Each night we serve 45 young adults, ages 18-25, by providing shelter and other essential services such as a warm meal and showers.  One of the most essential services we provide is our volunteer program. Volunteers perform logistical tasks to keep shelter running smoothly, and build community with guests while providing social support. These connections directly contribute to positive housing outcomes for those we serve

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